Face to Face Sessions Cancelled

All face to face sessions here at the studio have been cancelled to comply with CDC guidelines. The situation will be re-evaluated on April 1st.
Unattended mixing sessions are unaffected.
Stay home if you can. Wash your hands. Stay healthy.
Enjoy, write, play, sing, listen to … music!

AUDIO GEEK ALERT!!! 6267 Preamp Tube Shootout for Neumann U67

Thanks to Michael Keating for playing the acoustic guitar for these preamp tube tests. The mic originally had a Mullard (who knew?). I always had a General Electric version in deference to my father’s 45 years with them, I recently purchased a Hammond (by Mullard) and an Amperex.

Guild D55 with the Neumann U67 roughy a foot out, positioned just to the neck side of the sound hole.
B&K tube tester worked flawlessly. All tubes tested good, no shorts. Mullard 76, DE 78, Hammond 81, Amperex 78 FWIW
Individual RTA’s confirmed what our ears told us.
Excel spreadsheet with comments over RTA’s

Nothing is easy, but the Amperex is staying in the microphone … for now, with the GE a close second.

Kid Bayonne top ten! on Folk DJ Chart December

Kid Bayonne, #7 most played CD
Christmas Train, #7 most played song
Ray Lambiase, #8 most played artist

Congratulations Ray!

I'd like the thank the folk radio community for their warm embrace of Kid Bayonne's release – ranking our labor of love…

Posted by Ray Lambiase on Sunday, January 6, 2019

Rorie Kelly’s new holiday song for Amazon Prime Series “New Dog, Old Tricks”

Rorie Kelly songs have appeared in multiple episodes of the Amazon Prime Series “New Dogs Old Tricks”.  As they’ve been well received, producer Candice Cain asked her to write an original holiday song for their Christmas episode (Episode 11).  In the spirit of the holiday season this track is pay-what-you-wish on Bandcamp. Go grab your copy! Rorie on guitars and vocals, Kevin bass and the rest… Here is the bandcamp link!

Rupert Wates new CD “Full Circle”

Rupert Wates has recorded and mixed his new CD “Full Circle” in half the time it took The Beatles to record their quick first album! Two great days! The second only because I insisted on analog summing. We had  a surprise visit from W.E. alum Toby Tobias. Looking forward to Friday’s GRAMMY noms to see how Rupert’s last CD fares. 

Kid Bayonne release!

From Ray Lambiase:
A little over one year ago, I sat down with Kevin Kelly on bass, and John Michel on drums, to record the first tracks for our new CD, Kid Bayonne – which was just released across all platforms this morning.
You can listen to the entire album on Spotify, Pandora, Apple Music, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube Music, etc.
You can also listen to the entire catalogue with lyrics – including Kid Bayonne – on my revamped website: www.raylambiase.com
While you’re there – in the main menu, there’s a tab for upcoming shows and interviews – and a video tab with new lyric videos for both Kid Bayonne and Ducktown.
Finally, as well as John and Kevin, I can’t thank enough the amazing musicians who put their heart and soul into this labor of love: Kate Corrigan, Abby Lane, Rorie Kelly and Kirsten Maxwell on vocals; Sara Milonovich on fiddle, John Widgren on pedal steel; Mark Mancini on piano; Sten Isachsen on mandolin; Lanny Sichel, Guy Valic and Mike Nugent on guitars; Bill Intemann, drums and Jim Treutlein additional vocals – and Steven Fant for the design and art direction of the cover.
Thanks so much for all your kind words and support over the years – The Tin Kickers and I hope to see you at a show soon!
All best wishes for a holiday season filled with peace and love,